• Vortex meter type RWG / RWBG

Vortex meter type RWG / RWBG

Wafer stainless steel meters for gas


  • High accuracy
  • Low pressure drop
  • HART® communication protocol
max. flow:
from 1 up to 13420 l/min
from -28 up to 182 °C
max. pressure:
from -1.34 up to 18.2 bar
Water & waste water industry, Oil industry, Gas industry, General industry


General information

The models RWG and RWGB are designed for high accuracy and extremly low pressure drop. There are no moving parts necessary and after installation there is nearly no need of maintenance. The models RWG are usable for most of gases.

Type RWBG has a similar construction and is ideal for use with digester gas applications as p. e. CH4 + CO2 mixtures. Meters of this series are built with two-wire technology with standard HART® communication for easier programming and system integration.

Technical data

Medium Gas/digester gas
Flow range 0,1 – 7,5 to 9,5 – 280 l/s
Accuracy ±1 % of reading over the upper 90 % of the flow range
Repeatability 0,5 % of reading
Output signal 2-wire, 4 – 20 mA loop
Input power 24 VDC
Certification CE: EN61326-1:2002
  Optional: ATEX II 2G Ex ib IIB T4 Zone 1 Group IIB T4 and AEx ib IIB T4


Measuring principle

Vortex meters

Vortex meters

Within the flow meter as flowing media moves across the strut or "bluff bar" vortices are also shed, but on a smaller scale. The meter transmits an ultrasonic beam through the vortex pattern downstream of the strut. As vortices are shed, the carrier wave of the ultrasonic signal modulates. The modulation of the carrier wave is measurable and proportional to the number of vortices shed. Digital processing enables the vortices to be counted, and this value is converted into a velocity.