• Turbo Meter

Turbo Meter

for liquids without entrained air


  • High accuracy
  • Compact construction
  • Light weight
  • Flow range of ca. 1:30



Water, Oil
max. flow:
from 30 up to 7600 l/min
from -30 up to 120 °C
max. pressure:
from 0 up to 10 bar
Chemical industry, General industry


General information

The Turbo Meter is used in a wide range of fluid applications ranging from water to oils, solvents to acids. The meter has been used in water treatment systems, loading and unloading of tankers or rail cars, batching systems, or simple inventory control of a process fluid. Anywhere high volume and / or high flow rates are required in the application, the Turbo Meter is likely the right choice.

Turbo Meter are not aproved for custody transfer applications.


Measuring principle

Turbine meters

Turbine meters


Turbo Meter TM150

Turbo Meter TM150

Turbine meters are volumetric meters. When the fluid passes through, a rotor is activated and the movement is either electronically or mechanically transmitted outside.