• Transmitter for temperature

Transmitter for temperature

head mounting for Pt 100, selectable measuring ranges, Type series PA2240


  • Suitable for mounting in connection heads per DIN43729
  • Connection Pt 100, 3-wire technology
  • Measuring range selectable via solder pads
  • Output signal: 4…20 mA, 2-wire technology, temperature linear
  • Adjustable Pt 100 sensor break alarm
  • Power supply: 6.5…32 V DC
  • Large ambient temperature range
  • Compact low profile for easy installations



The transmitter for Pt 100 converts a temperature dependent change of resistance into a standard load-independent current signal of the type commonly used in process control systems. It is designed for mounting in the connection head model B, DIN 43729. Measuring ranges are adjusted easily with solder pads.

Application area

● Food/pharmaceuticals/biotechnoloty
● Chemicals/petrochemicals
● Machinery and plant construction