• Resistance thermometer Pt 100

Resistance thermometer Pt 100

with screw-in thermowell or with flange connection, Type series GA2510, GA2511


  • Pt 100 connection in 3- or 4-wire technology
  • Measuring insert 1 x Pt 100 or 2 x Pt 100
  • Measuring insert interchangeable
  • Process connection
    - for screw-in
    - with flange connection
  • Various thermowell designs available
  • Explosion protection
  • Classification per SIL 2
  • Transmitter can be integrated



The resistance thermometer is suited for operation on tanks and pipes. All standard types of process connections are available. The change in resistance, dependent on the measurement temperature, can be detected by a transmitter and converted into a standardized signal. A variety of transmitters for head mounting is available for different applications.



Application area

● Chemical and petrochemical industry
● Machinery construction