• Resistance thermometer clamp-on technology

Resistance thermometer clamp-on technology

for temperature measurement on pipes, Type series GA2610, GA2611


  • Hygienic temperature measurement, no contact to medium, for pipe diameter 4…300 mm
  • Various clamping elements for process connection
    - clamping block (for pipe-Ø 4…57 mm)
    - clamping shoe (for pipe-Ø 10…300 mm)
    - clamping bracket (for pipe-Ø 4…17.2 mm)
  • Measuring system patented
  • High accuracy, fast response
  • Quick and cost efficient installation
  • No welding, no interruption of process
  • No additional isolation required
  • Hygienic design, constructive design according to the EHEDG recommendations
  • Measuring resistor 1 x Pt 100, 3-wire technology, class A
  • Measuring range: -20 °C to + 150 °C
  • Measuring insert can be recalibrated, replaceable; 
    the installation arrangements are unchanged
  • Explosion protection
  • Classification per SIL 2
  • Transmitter 4…20 mA



The resistance thermometer in clamp-on technology is used for temperature sensing and process control, mainly for sterile applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
The resistance thermometer can be quickly and easily fitted to all existing pipework. There are no changes necessary to the piping and no welding required. The resistance thermometer can be supplied with a built-in transmitter.



Application area

● Food industry
● Pharmaceuticals
● Biotechnology


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