• Repeater power supply

Repeater power supply

Type series WG21


  • Compact housing for snap-on rail mounting (22.5 mm wide)
  • 3-port isolation
  • High transmission accuracy
  • Protective separation to VDE 0100 Part 410
  • Extended-range supply
  • Ex-protection: II(1)G [EEx ia] IIC
  • High supply voltage and favorable hazardous-area specifications
  • SMART-transmission (HART)



The WG 21 Repeater Power Supply feeds intrinsically safe 2-wire transmitters. It powers the transmitter and delivers the measured signal galvanically isolated and at high accuracy to the output. Optionally the WG 21 also transmits data protocols for SMART transmitters (HART®) besides the analog signal. It allows bidirectional communication with a field unit from each point of the cabling. The WG 21 provides protective separation and high insulation between input, output and power supply. High supply voltage, favorable hazardous-area specifications and the new broad range mains adapter allow for universal applications. Long leads of 1400 m are no problem. Innovative transformer transmission technique provides transmission accuracy which is extraordinary high for hazardous area applications. New vacuum encapsulation technology offers optimum reliability, long-term stability and disruptive strength even under extreme ambient conditions.