• Pulse transmitter series LM OG-T1 100 Alu

Pulse transmitter series LM OG-T1 100 Alu

for industrial applications


  • Does not require external power
  • Watertight, NEMA 4X housing
  • For use in Ex-zone 1 (with suitable drive)
  • Compatible with most flow controllers and counters with scaling capabilitie
  • Humidity and moisture resistant transmitter
Chemical/Petrochemical media, Oil
max. flow:
from 0.5 up to 35 l/min
from -20 up to 80 °C
max. pressure:
from 0 up to 100 bar
Chemical industry, General industry, Oil industry, Automotive industry


General information

The Badger Meter oval gear meter with pulse transmitter, model LM OG-TI, is an economical, rugged yet accurate meter.

The transmitter, mounted on the meter, can be wired to batch controllers, remote counters and other electronically operated instruments that can accept pulses from a reed switch, and have scaling capabilities.

The oval gear transmitter is contained in a glass fibre plastic housing with a NEMA 4X rating and has a 100 PPL isolated reedswitch as output.

Technical data

Flow range 0,5 – 35 l/min
Operating pressure 0,35 – 100 bar
Operating temperature -10 up to +60 °C
Accuracy ±0,75 %
Pulse rate 100 pulses/liter
Max. reedswitch resistance 150 VAC @ 10 Watt
Weight 0,9 kg
Inlet and outlet connections ½“ BSPP


Measuring principle

Oval gear meters

Oval gear meters

As fluid passes through the metering chamber by entering the inlet port, it forces the internal gears to rotate and exits through the outlet port. Each rotation of the gear displaces a given volume of fluid. Controlled clearances between the gears and chamber wall insure minimum leakage. As the gears rotate, a magnet on each end of the gear activates the reedswitch and forward the pulses to the display or to the pulse output.