• Precision oval gear meter series IOG® 3"

Precision oval gear meter series IOG® 3"

for industrial applications


  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Flexibility of installation options (vertical or horizontal installation)
  • ATEX, FDA conformity
  • Compact size
  • Factory calibrated
  • Low pressure drop
  • Minimum number of wearable parts for long product life and easy field servicing
Chemical/Petrochemical media, Oil, Water, Pharmaceutical media, Others, Liquid food
max. flow:
from 19 up to 700 l/min
from -30 up to 120 °C
max. pressure:
from 0 up to 69 bar
Chemical industry, General industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Oil industry, Aerospace industry


General information

The industrial OG meter IOG® is a modular flow meter design, economical yet highly accurate and rugged. Due to the rugged nature of this particular flow measurement technology, the industrial OG meter can be used in a number of applications where conventional meters are not acceptable.


Other sizes upon request.


Technical data

Flow range 19 – 738 45 – 700
Flow range > 5,0 < 5,0
  Max. 500.000 mPas with oval gears for high viscous fluids. Contact factory.  
Accuracy (%)    
Repeatability ±0,5 ±1,0
Pulses per liter ±0,03 % ±0,03 %
  3 3
Operating temperature    
Stainless steel -30 °C up to +120 °C -30 °C up to +120 °C
Aluminium/ PPS/LCP -30 °C up to +80 °C -30 °C up to +80 °C
Pressure rating    
NPT/BSP 68 bar (SS), 50 bar (Alu) 68 bar (SS), 50 bar (Alu)
Flanged model 150 lbs – 285 psi (Alu, SS) 150 lbs – 285 psi (Alu, SS)
  300 lbs – 740 psi (SS) 300 lbs – 740 psi (SS)
  DIN PN 16, 16 bar DIN PN 16, 16 bar
  Please consult factory for higher pressure rates. Please consult factory for higher pressure rates.
Aluminium NPT, BSP, 150#, 300#, PN 16 NPT, BSP, 150#, 300#, PN 16
Stainless steel NPT, BSP, 150#, 300#, PN 16 NPT, BSP, 150#, 300#, PN 16
Housing Stainless steel/Aluminium Stainless steel/Aluminium
Cover Stainless steel/Aluminium Stainless steel/Aluminium
Rotors Stainless steel Stainless steel
O-ring Viton, Aflas, EPDM, Kalrez Viton, Aflas, EPDM, Kalrez


Measuring principle

Oval gear meters

Oval gear meters

As fluid passes through the metering chamber by entering the inlet port, it forces the internal gears to rotate and exits through the outlet port. Each rotation of the gear displaces a given volume of fluid. Controlled clearances between the gears and chamber wall insure minimum leakage. As the gears rotate, a magnet on each end of the gear activates the reedswitch and forward the pulses to the display or to the pulse output.