• Nutating disc meter RCDL AdBlue®

Nutating disc meter RCDL AdBlue®

for AdBlue®


  • Specially for AdBlue®
  • Magnetic coupling
  • Compatible with many liquids
  • Wide flow range
  • Low pressure loss
  • Low weight
Chemical/Petrochemical media
max. flow:
from 1 up to 160 l/min
from 0 up to 50 °C
max. pressure:
from 0 up to 16 bar
Chemical industry, Oil industry, General industry, Automotive industry


General information

The ultra pure 32,5% urea solution, also known under the name of AdBlue®, is the basis for the reduction of toxic nitric oxides in exhaust gases from diesel operated goods vehicles. Those nitric oxides are getting reduced to water and nitrogen, which is one of air´s main element. AdBlue® is made synthetically. The high purity and quality are DIN V 70070 certified. AdBlue® is not an additive, it is carried along to a separate tank system in diesel vehicles equipped with SCR-technique.

Measuring principle

Nutating disc meters

Nutating disc meters

Nutating disc meters are positive displacement meters. The top and lower part of the meter chamber are cone shaped. A ball bearing centralizes the disc between the two cones. A nutating motion of the disc is generated when flow enters the meter chamber. Complete separation between inlet and outlet chamber volumes is always achieved by one dedicated disc diameter line. The inlet and outlet parts of the meter chamber are separated by a partition plate. The positioning bar forces the disc to nutate around the center axis of the chamber, driving the transmission magnet.