• Nutating disc debimetre RCDL, paslanmaz çelik gövde

Nutating disc debimetre RCDL, paslanmaz çelik gövde

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  • Compatible with many liquids
  • Low pressure loss
  • Light weight
  • Magnetic coupling
  • Wide flow range
Water, Liquid food, Oil, Chemical/Petrochemical media, Pharmaceutical media
max. flow:
from 1 up to 160 l/min
from 0 up to 120 °C
max. pressure:
from 0 up to 16 bar
Water & waste water industry, Food & beverage industry, Chemical industry, Oil industry, General industry, Pharmaceutical industry


General information

The Recordall® series is a positive displacement meter. The series is best suited for metering fluids up to a viscosity of 700 mPas and at an operating temperature of 50°C up to 120°C. 
Typical applications are: Clean and moderately dirty liquids, hard and soft water, oils, fuel, solvents, etc. The metering chamber includes disc, positioning bar and transmission magnet. The chamber is inserted into the meter body. A screen in the inlet side of the body protects the chamber against penetration of larger solid particles.



Technical data

Technical data    
Type M 25 M 40
Size DN 20 25
Nominal pressure PN 16 16
Max. temperature (PPO) 50 °C 50 °C
Max. temperature (Vectra) 120 °C -
Flow range l/min (PPO) 1 – 100 2 – 160
Flow range l/min (Vectra) 3 – 100 -
Accuracy (1:10) ±0,5 % ±0,5 %
Accuracy (total range) ±1,5 % ±1,5 %
Weight 5,8 kg 7 kg
Dimensions (mm)    
Type M 25 M 40
Connection R 1“ R 1 1/4“
Lay length 190 230
Width 110 135
Type M 25 M 40
Measuring chamber PPO/Vectra PPO
O-rings Buna/Viton Buna
Retainer strap (PPO) Nylon Nylon
Retainer strap (Vectra) Stainless steel 316 / 316 S/S Stainless steel 316 / 316 S/S
Screen PPO PPO
Bottom (PPO) Stainless steel Stainless steel
Bottom (Vectra) Bronze Bronze
Magnet Barium/Ferrite Barium/Ferrite
Crossbar Nylon Nylon
Thrust roller Nylon Nylon
Roller insert Stainless steel 316 / 316 S/S Stainless steel 316 / 316 S/S

Measuring principle

Nutating disc meters

Nutating disc meters

Nutating disc meters are positive displacement meters. The top and lower part of the meter chamber are cone shaped. A ball bearing centralizes the disc between the two cones. A nutating motion of the disc is generated when flow enters the meter chamber. Complete separation between inlet and outlet chamber volumes is always achieved by one dedicated disc diameter line. The inlet and outlet parts of the meter chamber are separated by a partition plate. The positioning bar forces the disc to nutate around the center axis of the chamber, driving the transmission magnet.


Mengen- und Durchflussmessung mit RCDL®


Einfache, zuverlässige und preisgünstige Mengendurchflussmessung,  z.B. bei der Umkehrosmose in der

  • Wasseraufbereitung
  • Deionisierte Wasserverarbeitung/Vollentsalztes Wasser
  • Dosierung von Additiven
  • Mengenmessung in Labors
  • Trinkwasser
  • Getränke
  • Flüssige Nahrungsmittel
  • Treibstoffe/Kohlenwasserstoffe


Die RCDL® Baureihe ist die optimale Messlösung. Durch einfachen Wechsel der Aufsatzgeräte ist eine Anpassung an die Messaufgabe ohne Betriebsunterbrechung möglich.