• Gıda / İlaç / biyoteknoloji için diyaframlı

Gıda / İlaç / biyoteknoloji için diyaframlı

DIN 11851, IDF ve SMS, Tip serisi DL1 / 2 .., DL6 / 7 ye göre standart tasarım


  • Flush-mounted separating diaphragm of stainless steel, laser welded
  • Alternative with reinforced diaphragm in LTCtechnology (reduced temperature influence)
  • Volume optimised diaphragm base
  • Dead-zone free design
  • System fillings for different applications
  • Measuring device connection: 
    · directly welded
    · directly screwed
    · with temperature decoupler
    · with capillary
  • Material certificate acc. to DIN EN 10204-3.1
  • Electropolishing (wetted parts)
  • Hygienic design with advanced surface quality
  • Special materials upon request



Suitable for mounting to bourdon tube pressure gauges and pressure transmitters. The diaphragm seal is used mainly for dead-zone free pressure measurement.

Application area

● Food industry
● Pharmaceutical industry
● Biotechnology

Type series

DL2100;DL2200;DL2300;DL2400;DL2500;DL2600;DL2700;DL1100; DL1200;DL1300;DL1400;DL1500;DL1600;DL1700;DL7100;DL7200; DL7300;DL7400;DL7500;DL6100;DL6200;DL6300;DL6400;DL6500; DL7110;DL7210;DL7310;DL7410;DL7510;DL6110;DL6210;DL6310;