• Differential pressure transmitter UNIVERSAL

Differential pressure transmitter UNIVERSAL

for filter monitoring, Type series CP1310, CP1311


  • Small, solid design
  • Wetted parts of stainless steel
  • Measuring ranges 0…250 mbar up to 0…25 bar
  • Zero point and measuring span can be adjusted externally by means of a potentiometer
  • Output signal:
    - 4…20 mA 2-wire circuitry
    - 0…20 mA 3-wire circuitry
    - 0(2)…10 V 3-wire circuitry
  • Explosion protection



The analog pressure transmitter UNIVERSAL is suited for measuring the differential pressure of gases. The area of application lies in general filter monitoring.



Application area

● General process technology
● Power engineering
● Machinery construction