• Differential pressure transmitter PASCAL CV Delta P

Differential pressure transmitter PASCAL CV Delta P

for general applications,Type series CV330.


  • Modulare differential pressure transmitter with metallic diaphragm
  • Function modules:
    - Multifunctional display with 5-segment digital display and bar graph
    - Switching module with 2 floating channels, maximum 0.5 A switching current, electrically isolated to all sides, without additional auxiliary power
    - with HART® module
  • Function module replacement on site without recalibra-tion, „plug and measure“
  • Nominal ranges 0.4 up to 40 bar
  • Turndown 5:1
  • Accuracy ≤ 0,15 %
  • Output signal: – 4…20 mA – alternative with PROFIBUSPA
  • Output functions: linear, invers, table function with up to 31 support points
  • Stainless steel case in sturdy design, degree of protec-tion IP 69K
  • Media temperature -40…100 °C
  • Wetted parts stainless steel
  • EAC declaration (upon request)
  • Approvals/Certificates
    - Explosion protection for gases and dust
    - Certificate of measuring equipment for Russian Federation
    - Material certificate as per EN 10204-3.1
    - Calibration certificate as per EN 10204-3.1
    - Classification per SIL2



The digital differential pressure transmitter PASCAL CV Delta P is suitable for level measurement in pressure ves-sels and filter monitoring.



● Chemical and petrochemical industry 
● General process engineering 
● General process technology