• Diaphragm seal for special applications

Diaphragm seal for special applications

variable connections, Type Series DD111.


  • Separating diaphragm of stainless steel or special material
  • Volume optimised diaphragm base
  • System fillings for different applications
  • Various process connections; screw-in thread, flanges per EN and ASME
  • Connection to zone 0
  • Measuring device connection:
    - directly welded
    - directly screwed
    - with temperature decoupler
    - with capillary
  • Material certificate acc. to EN 10204-3.1



Suitable for mounting to bourdon tube pressure gauges and pressure transmitters. The diaphragm seal for variable connections is suited for measuring aggressive, highly viscous media and for high process temperatures.

Application area

● Machinery construction
● Chemical and petrochemical industry
● General process technology