• Bourdon tüplü Manometre, yüksek kaliteli tasarım

Bourdon tüplü Manometre, yüksek kaliteli tasarım

Sıvı dolgulu mesken, (IP66) Tip serisi BA4240 (50) / BA4340 (50)


  • Bourdon tube pressure gauge
  • Nominal ranges 0…0.6 to 0…1600 bar
  • High quality case with bajonet ring NG 100/160
    with internal pressure compensation diaphragm
    per DIN EN 837-1-S1
  • Case and measuring element of stainless steel
  • Degree of protection IP 66
  • Accuracy class 1.0 as per DIN EN 837-1
  • Approvals/Certificates
    - Explosion protection (ATEX) for mechanical devices
    - Certificate of measuring equipment
    for Russian Federation
    - Material per DIN EN 10204
    - Calibration certificate per DIN EN 10204
  • Mounting: Front flange for flush mounting,
    rear flange for surface mounting
  • Connection to Zone 0



The case is liquid filled and suitable especially for applications with high dynamic pressure pulsations or vibrations. An integrated pressure compensating diaphragm compensates the temperature related change of volume of the liquid filling. This high quality stainless steel version is suitable for measuring gaseous, liquid and aggressive media.



Application area

● Shipping
● Machinery construction
● Chemical and petrochemical industry
● General process technology

Type series