• Bourdon tube pressure gauge for diaphragm seals

Bourdon tube pressure gauge for diaphragm seals

for diaphragm seal, NG 100, Type series BH42..


  • Bourdon tube pressure gauge for diaphragm seals
  • Nominal ranges 0…4 to 0…25 bar
  • High quality case with bajonet ring DN 100
    per DIN EN 837-1 S1
  • Case and measuring element of stainless steel
  • Degree of protection IP 65
  • Accuracy class 1.0 as per DIN EN 837-1
  • Small temperature error by means of
    reduced-volume measuring element
  • Operating temperature up to 200°C
  • Process connection via diaphragm seal
    product group D5
  • Instrument connection welded with diaphragm seal
  • Approvals/Certificates
    - Explosion protection (ATEX) for mechanical devices
    - Certificate of measuring equipment for
    Russian Federation
    - Material per DIN EN 10204
    - Calibration certificate per DIN EN 10204
  • Damping of movement
  • Electrical contact device,
    see data sheet D3-025 (depending on design)
  • Electronical angle-of-rotation sensor,
    see data sheet D6-020
  • Case with liquid filling and degree of
    protection IP 66



The pressure gauge type series BH42.. has been especially constructed for the operation with diaphragm seals. A custom bourdon tube that is reduced in volume produces a very slight temperature error only. Diaphragm seals with reduced diaphragm surface areas may also be used. A large selection of diaphragm seals − D5 product category − is available for a large variety of applications.



Application area

● Machinery construction
● Chemical and petrochemical industry
● General process technology
● Food industry
● Pharmaceutical industry

Type series