• Blancett® turbine meter FloClean

Blancett® turbine meter FloClean

for sanitary applications


  • High repeatability
  • Sanitary end connections
  • Materials comply to FDA requirements
  • NIST traceable calibration



Water, Liquid food, Pharmaceutical media
max. flow:
from 2.3 up to 1514 l/min
from -100 up to 149 °C
max. pressure:
from 0 up to 69 bar
Food & beverage industry, Chemical industry, General industry, Pharmaceutical industry


General information

The FloClean 3-A sanitary turbine flow meter meets the requirements of 3-A sanitary standard number 28-03 and is recommended for use in clean out-of place (COP) and sanitize out-of place (SOP) applications. FloClean uses the most advanced polishing Technology in a durable 316L stainless steel body and was developed for use in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. FloClean provides a local flow rate and volume totalization when used with the Blancett® B2800/B3000, as well as the ability to interface with a variety of PLCs and computers.


Technical data

Material Housing: 316 L stainless steel
  Bearings: CD4MCU stainless steel, nickel plated
  Standard bearings: Nickel bindery, tungsten carbide
  Bearing shaft: Nickel bindery, tungsten carbide
Measuring range 2,5 – 1.500 l/min
Size ¾" up to 2 ½"
Flow accuracy ±1 %
Repeatability ±0,1 %
Calilbration Water (NIST traceable calibration); other media upon request
Operating pressure 69 bar
Operating temperature Up to 150 °C
End connections Tri-Clamp®
Approvals 3-A sanitary standard


Measuring principle

Turbine meters

Turbine meters

Turbine meters are volumetric meters. When the fluid passes through, a rotor is activated and the movement is either electronically or mechanically transmitted outside.