Our library consist of:  

  1. The Theory of Electromagnetic Flowmeter Measurement, by J. A. Shercliff
  2. pH Meter, by A. Wilson
  3. pH Measurement ( Fundementals, Methods, Applications, Instrumentation), by Helmuth Galster
  4. Turbulent Flows, by Stephen B. Pope
  5. Industrial Piping, by Charles T. Littleton
  6. Process Level Instrumentation and Control, by Paul N. Cheremisinoff
  7. Handbook of Modern Sensors, by Jacop Fraden
  8. Understanding Smart Sensors, by Randy Frank
  9. How to Measure anything with Electronic Instrument, by John A. Kuechen
  10. Engineering Applications of Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight Diffraction, by J. P. Charlesworth, J. A. G. Temple
  11. Vector Fields, by J. A. Shercliff
  12. Fundamentals of Preventive Maintenance, by John M. Gross
  13. Aspetic Processing and Packaging of Food, by Jairus R D David (Bu kitap numunedir, sample book, no sale)
  14. For Good Measure(The Story of Modern Measurement), by Melvin Berger
  15. Ultrasonic Sensord, Editor by B. E. Jones
  16. Handbook of PI and PID Controller Tuning Rules, by Aidan O'Dewyer
  17. Water Treatment Operator Handbook, by Nicholas G. Pizzi
  18. Grounding and Shielding Techniques, by Ralph Morrison
  19. Valve Hanbook, by Philip L. Skousen
  20. pH Measurements, by Victor Gold(Bu kitap 1956 basımdır)
  21. Flow Measurement, (Bu Kitaptan 2adet mevcut olup, 1906 basımdır)
  22. Elementary Hydrostatics(Bu kitap 1874 basım)
  23. Instrument Technology Volume 1, by E. B. Jones (3 adet)
  24. Application of On-line Analytical Instrumentation to Process Control, Edited by Robert M. Arthur
  25. Fundementals of Musical Acoustics, by Arthur H. Benade
  26. Pump Selection and Application, by Tyler G. Hicks
  27. Installation of Instrumentation and Process Control Engineering
  28. Hydraulic Handbook
  29. Ultrafiltration Hanbook, by Munir Cheryan
  30. Handbook of Industrial Electronic Circuits, by John Markus, Vin Zeluff
  31. Physics in Industry Series, by J. H. Leck
  32. An Introduction to Paper Industry Instrumentation
  33. The Celsius Thermometer is
  34. Sensors and Signal Conditioning, by Ramon Pallos, John G. Webster
  35. Temperature Measurement in Engineering Volume I
  36. Temperature Measurement in Engineering Volume II
  37. Dictionary of Aeronautical English
  38. Vocabulary Cards and Grammatical Forms Summary for Wheelock's Latin
  39. Latin-English / English Latin Dictionary